CBS News reports than H1N1 flu overestimated

Lately, I’ve heard numerous reports of people being told by their doctor that they have the H1N1 flu.  This has puzzled me because there is no way to diagnose the H1N1 flu without sending a sample to a state lab. At the same time, the CDC has told state labs to stop testing for H1N1 in July.  According to a CBS News report at, only 2% of the suspected samples in Georgia  sent to the state lab were H1N1.  In fact, most of the samples thought by doctors to be H1N1 were actually the common cold.  What is more puzzling is why the CDC is saying that most flu like symptoms are caused by H1N1 when the data shows otherwise and why they aren’t tracking this supposed epidemic anymore.  I’ll let you make up your mind on why that is.

To learn more, read the story above.  You can also read Dr. Mercola’s comments at

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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