Reminder: Matrix Energetics seminar in Atlanta Nov. 13-16

If you’re interested in learning Matrix Energetics and live near Atlanta, don’t miss the Atlanta seminar on November 13-16.  I took the seminar about 2 years ago because they claimed they could teach anyone to be a “healer”  I always thought that most healers were “born” with the gift and that it couldn’t be taught.   To my surprise, I learned the basics during a single weekend.  Since then, I’ve performed hundreds of successful sessions, yet I’m  surprised each time I see positive changes. One of the remarkable aspects is that anyone can see it taking effect.  The person undergoing a session almost always has shifts in their spine and posture that anyone, including the client or video camera, can see.

Just recently, I was traveling and one of my friends hurt his back.  Ibuprofen and Flexeril were helping some but his back still bothered him quite a bit.  I worked on him using Matrix Energetics  for only 10 minutes and the pain never returned.

Most people who take the seminars aren’t in the healthcare profession. They are there just to learn how to help their friends and family.  I did tell the former medical director of the Mercola clinic about it and now Dr. Mercola is recommending Matrix Energetics.

If you look at the website and think it looks unbelievable or like a  bunch of crock, then at least go to the free Friday session.

I’m also assisting Dr. Richard Bartlett as part of the teaching staff as well so I’ll be there all weekend.

To learn more, visit the Matrix website at

Disclosure:  I have absolutely no financial incentives in whether anyone attends or not.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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