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Sunlight can lower vitamin D levels?

Dr. Mercola just posted a new article about how sunlight can lower vitamin D levels.  There are two type of ultraviolet radiation from the sun: UVA and UVB.  Your skin uses UVB to make vitamin D.  According to his article, UVA can destroy vitamin D.  Guess what happens if you’re exposed to sunlight through windows?  You only get UVA, but no UVB.  In other words, to get vitamin D, you have to get sunlight without it passing through windows.

He also goes through new research that suggests showering or bathing with soap after sun exposure can wash off the vitamin D created by your skin.

Finally, he mentioned that acid blockers such as Nexium and Prilosec can lower your vitamin D levels.  I’ll have to do more research on that.

For the article on how sunlight and bathing can lower vitamin D levels, go to

-Dave Ou, M.D.

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The rebirth of my holistic practice

Even before I went to medical school, I had a dream of having a busy practice in which most people were able to naturally recover from almost any health challenge.  Through my first 10 years of private practice, the holistic component of my practice has ebbed and flowed.  You see, I work in a conventional internal medicine practice and have done alternative medicine “on the side”

I first started working with pain using acupuncture.  My practice got pretty busy with acupuncture, but I wanted to work with more than just pain and I knew that fear of needles kept many people away.  I also found that a significant number of patients did not get satisfactory results.

The next step of my evolution occurred when I was at a conference and learned it was possible for fibromyalgia to be cured in most  people using the principles of homeopathy and kinesiology.  I was stunned to hear that was possible.

In my research of homeopathy and kinesiology, I found Field Control Therapy by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D.  I used it on several patients with fibromyalgia and found that in most cases, fibromyalgia could be relieved by at least 80% on the average.  I found it useful for many other conditions as well.  After a period of time, I reached a plateau in most of my patients in which further improvements were not occurring.  In addition, the strict diet and electromagnetic field avoidance needed for FCT was very burdensome and discouraged the vast majority of patients.  The one hour plus appointments were time consuming as well.

My practice changed dramatically once I started to use Nutri-Energetics (NES) in late 2008.  Within 6 months, I’m now following nearly 100 patients on the NES program.   I was so amazed by the initial results that I wanted to do frequent statistical analyses on how my patients were doing.  My analysis  shows that 95% of my patients report good changes in their health if they stick with the program for a minimum of 4 months.  I have simply never seen anything like this in my 20 years of studying holistic medicine.  No system is perfect so there is a small percentage of people who report small amounts of change.  Fortunately, there is constant ongoing research with NES and a major upgrade is scheduled later this year.

Unlike acupuncture and FCT, I’m getting a  number of referrals from my patients’ friends, family members, and their hairdressers.  There are many reasons for this: 1) NES has a powerful effect on helping people heal themselves to the point that  improvements  are obvious to my patients and those around them 2) it’s very convenient: visits occur monthly and the supplements are simple to take 3) compared to other holistic programs, NES is relatively inexpensive.

Even with the down economy, more and more people are seeking holistic health care.   I’m so thankful for finding NES.  It’s given me the opportunity to assist so many people in helping them to heal from otherwise untreatable conditions.  From a scientific standpoint, I frequently see changes that I didn’t think were possible.  From a human standpoint, it’s so rewarding to help people in this way.  This has been a huge step forward in my dream of natural healing for all.  I wonder what lies on the road ahead.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Allopaths don’t believe in healing

I see many patients who are under the care of other doctors.  They often get very excited at the improvements in their health and want to  share their experience with their doctors.  They hope that their doctors will share their enthusiasm and curiosity into how they got better.   However, many doctors can be party poopers.

One of my patients told her doctor that the past few months have been the best she’s had in years.  She brought in information about my Natural Healing Program and the doctor responded that her improvements were probably “psychological”.

I’ve thought about this and wonder what did he mean by  psychological?  I suspect what he meant is that either there were really no improvements and the patient mistakenly believed she felt better or that there was no problem to begin with.

I have seen cases where patients imagined they were better.  In most cases, these improvements don’t last more than a couple of days after which the imagination wears off.  The improvements I look for are those that are sustained for at least weeks at a time and I see these improvements in my patients on a daily basis.

I’ve looked at my statistics and 90-95% of my patients report significant improvements in their health and quality of life.  If that doctor is correct, then it either means I don’t have sick patients, that I’m the best hypnotist in the history of mankind, that all my patients are liars, or that I’ve found the most powerful placebo ever.

On the issue of placebos, what if a placebo helped people sleep through the night, improve their energy and concentration, regulated hormones, and improved digestion 90-95% of the time?  How would you explain that?  I think the most logical explanation is that the “placebo” enabled the people to heal themselves.

There are many other doctors like the one my patient saw who have the attitude than unless a treatment is created by a multi-billion dollar drug company, then no healing can occur.  I’d rather be accused of using placebos than to be using modalities (conventional medicine) that have been proven to be one of the top 3 killers of people.  I’m seeing more and more people awakening to the truth that they have the capacity to heal themselves.  I continue to be honored to be of assistance in helping people realize their potential.

–Dave Ou, M.D.



My friend and colleague, Greg Wastl, of the Center for Natural Healthcare in Minnesota has a new blog with headlines from  alternative medicine.

You can find it at

–Dr. Ou

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“I don’t eat much sugar”

Without fail, every week I have the following encounter when I’m doing basic counseling on nutrition particularly when my patients ask about losing weight.

Patient: “I can’t figure out why I can’t lose weight”

Me (being very suspicous):  “Do you eat or drink any sugar?”

Patient: “No”

Me (being even more suspicious): “Do you drink any sodas or sweet tea?”

Patient: “A little”

Me: “Every day?”

Patient: “2-3 Cokes a day.  Is that too much?”

Me: “Did you know that one soda a day adds up to 4,600 calories or 6 cups of sugar per month?  2-3 a day comes out to nearly 10,000 calories or 15 cups of sugar a month.”

Patient: “Really?!  I didn’t know that”

With this country’s obsession over fat and cholesterol, there’s been a serious gap in educating the public about the dangers of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  Diet drinks really aren’t any better and I’ll write about that another time.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Are antioxidants overrated?

Recent  randomized studies continue to  show no benefits of antioxidant supplements in preventing disease.

In the Jan. 7, 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, vitamins C and E did not reduce cancer in men.  The same issue showed that selenium and vitamin E did not prevent prostate cancer.

In the Jan. 7, 2009 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institutes, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E,  did not prevent cancer.

In fact, almost all randomized studies done so far have not shown any benefits of antioxidant supplements.

You might think this is a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry.  However, two of my mentors in alternative medicine have found the same thing.  Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, founder of Field Control Therapy, has tested antioxidants and he found that antioxidant supplements put additional stress on the body.  Peter Fraser, founder of Nutri-Energetics, found the same thing.  Fraser goes further and says that antioxidant supplements can be useful in the final stages of healing.

What’s going on here?  I think that the problem is that no one has stopped to think about how the body functions and heals.  Let’s go back to how oxidation occurs.

Free radicals are produced as a by-product of oxygen metabolism such as when the immune system is trying to remove foreign invaders from the body.  The free radicals kill microorganisms, but they can damage the body itself as part of collateral damage.  Proponents of antioxidants have an oversimplified logic that if collateral damage is “bad”, countering free radicals must be “good. ”

The major flaw with that logic is that free radicals also have an important purpose in the body: to help remove toxins and foreign invaders from the body.  In other words, antioxidant supplements can interfere with the immune and detoxification systems of the body.

Another interesting angle with regards to antioxidant supplements are the benefits of oxidation therapies such as ozone and MMS.  While I don’t personally use oxidation therapies, there are many reports of those being used for such problems as cancer and chronic infections.  Isn’t it interesting that some people recommend antioxidants to prevent cancer and others actually use oxidants to treat cancer?

I think the real solution is to help the body to regulate its own use of oxidation and antioxidation.  When this occurs, the body is able to more efficiently oxidize foreign invaders and to better control collateral damage.  I believe that this is one of the many mechanisms of the Natural Healing Program that I use.    My hypothesis is that when the body’s ability to heal itself is supported, then the body can intelligently regulate all the complex systems in the body such as oxidation and antioxidation.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Pioneers are the ones with the arrows in the back.

This is a saying from the Old Wild West.  Whenever, medical doctors start looking at alternative medicine, they risk being attacked by their colleagues.  They are often ridiculed and called irresponsible.  In extreme cases, they are prosecuted by the legal system.  It’s not easy to think outside of the box because of these dangers, but it’s my commitment to helping people reach an optimum state of health that continues to drive me.

As I’ve explored different ideas within alternative medicine, I’ve started to experience attacks from that community, too.  It seems that it’s human nature to always attack anything and anyone that’s different.  This applies to health care, racism, politics, etc.

-Dave Ou, M.D.

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#1 Source of calories for Americans linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

According to Dr. Mercola, the #1 source of calories for Americans comes from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Take a look at a can of soda and you’ll find it.  Take a look at almost any processed food product and you’ll find it.  From 1970 to 1995 there has been over a 10,000% increase in consumption!

Research is showing that your body converts HFCS to fat faster than any other sugar and is linked to the growing epidemic of diabetes and heart disease. Not only that, it promotes hunger and puts stress on the liver.

There is also recent research that some HFCS is contaminated with mercury, one of the most dangerous toxins on the planet.

You can learn more details at

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Healing is not something that is investigated by many allopaths part II

I recently shared the results on my quality control statistics on the effects of NES on my patients with my allopathic colleagues.  The results were extremely impressive, if not amazing, to me.  However, there was no interest from my colleagues.

In previous years when I was doing acupuncture, I used to pass around high quality studies on the benefits of acupuncture from the Journal of the American Medical Association, a very prestigious journal,  to my colleagues.  That didn’t generate much interest either.

Doctors often argue that they don’t recommend alternative medicine because of the lack of research.  My experience shows that even when showing them good research, they don’t change their old habits.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Dangers of wheat

I’d heard from other naturopaths that commercially processed wheat may be unhealthy.  I found an article from the Weston Price Foundation, an organization that is not influenced by the food industry, that describes the issue.

According to the article, wheat is exposed to hormones, fertilizer, and pesticides.  In addition, commercial processing generates high heat which destroys much of the nutritional value of wheat.  There is some speculation that the high consumption of  commercial wheat is why the rates of celiac sprue and wheat allergies are increasing.

They suggest trying to use organic, stone-ground wheat instead.  The stone-ground process generates less heat so  the wheat loses less nutrition.  Another option is to buy wheat berries and make the flour yourself.

The link to the article is at

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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