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The rebirth of my holistic practice

Even before I went to medical school, I had a dream of having a busy practice in which most people were able to naturally recover from almost any health challenge.  Through my first 10 years of private practice, the holistic component of my practice has ebbed and flowed.  You see, I work in a conventional internal medicine practice and have done alternative medicine “on the side”

I first started working with pain using acupuncture.  My practice got pretty busy with acupuncture, but I wanted to work with more than just pain and I knew that fear of needles kept many people away.  I also found that a significant number of patients did not get satisfactory results.

The next step of my evolution occurred when I was at a conference and learned it was possible for fibromyalgia to be cured in most  people using the principles of homeopathy and kinesiology.  I was stunned to hear that was possible.

In my research of homeopathy and kinesiology, I found Field Control Therapy by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D.  I used it on several patients with fibromyalgia and found that in most cases, fibromyalgia could be relieved by at least 80% on the average.  I found it useful for many other conditions as well.  After a period of time, I reached a plateau in most of my patients in which further improvements were not occurring.  In addition, the strict diet and electromagnetic field avoidance needed for FCT was very burdensome and discouraged the vast majority of patients.  The one hour plus appointments were time consuming as well.

My practice changed dramatically once I started to use Nutri-Energetics (NES) in late 2008.  Within 6 months, I’m now following nearly 100 patients on the NES program.   I was so amazed by the initial results that I wanted to do frequent statistical analyses on how my patients were doing.  My analysis  shows that 95% of my patients report good changes in their health if they stick with the program for a minimum of 4 months.  I have simply never seen anything like this in my 20 years of studying holistic medicine.  No system is perfect so there is a small percentage of people who report small amounts of change.  Fortunately, there is constant ongoing research with NES and a major upgrade is scheduled later this year.

Unlike acupuncture and FCT, I’m getting a  number of referrals from my patients’ friends, family members, and their hairdressers.  There are many reasons for this: 1) NES has a powerful effect on helping people heal themselves to the point that  improvements  are obvious to my patients and those around them 2) it’s very convenient: visits occur monthly and the supplements are simple to take 3) compared to other holistic programs, NES is relatively inexpensive.

Even with the down economy, more and more people are seeking holistic health care.   I’m so thankful for finding NES.  It’s given me the opportunity to assist so many people in helping them to heal from otherwise untreatable conditions.  From a scientific standpoint, I frequently see changes that I didn’t think were possible.  From a human standpoint, it’s so rewarding to help people in this way.  This has been a huge step forward in my dream of natural healing for all.  I wonder what lies on the road ahead.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Healing is not something that is investigated by many allopaths part II

I recently shared the results on my quality control statistics on the effects of NES on my patients with my allopathic colleagues.  The results were extremely impressive, if not amazing, to me.  However, there was no interest from my colleagues.

In previous years when I was doing acupuncture, I used to pass around high quality studies on the benefits of acupuncture from the Journal of the American Medical Association, a very prestigious journal,  to my colleagues.  That didn’t generate much interest either.

Doctors often argue that they don’t recommend alternative medicine because of the lack of research.  My experience shows that even when showing them good research, they don’t change their old habits.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Nutri-Energetics: Quality control statistics from Dr. Ou’s practice

I’ve moved this post to to make it easier to find.  Notes the “NES stats” tab above

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Resolving Constipation without laxatives

Most of the patients who see me have problems with constipation.  According to mainstream medicine, you’re normal if you have at least 2 bowel movements per week.  I disagree.  I believe that people should have one bowel movement per day.

Having constipation means that the waste products in the colon linger longer than they should.  According to holistic medicine, this can lead to two problems: 1) the immune system has to work harder to keep the toxins in the colon from leaking into the body and 2) toxins don’t exit the body as fast as they should.

There are many ways to “treat” constipation and the most popular is to use laxatives or to eat lots of fiber.  That helps the actual symptoms, but doesn’t address the cause.  If the cause were truly addressed, then laxatives would not be needed.  The major way I approach constipation is to use Nutri-Energetics to identify weaknesses in the body field that  lead to constipation.  This is because there are numerous reasons why constipation can occur. Most of my patients eventually have regular bowel movements each day and are able to stop all of their laxatives.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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I’m not only the president, but I’m also a client

Do you remember the Hair Club for Men commercial where Sy Sperling said, “I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client!”?

The same thing applies to my Natural Healing Program.  I not only designed it for my patients, I designed it to help my own chronic medical problems.  I only use treatments that have helped me achieve better health.  So I share a common journey with my patients on the road to better health.   As they feel healthier each month, so do I.

-Dave Ou, M.D.

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Management of complex patients

Let me describe a typical patient I see.  She complains of the following:



Poor memory and concentration

Acid reflux


Muscle pain

High blood pressure



How does a conventional doctor approach her?

Give an anti-depressant, a sleeping pill, a blood pressure medicine, a pain medicine, a laxative, and a reflux medication.  For fatigue, a doctor would suggest maybe exercise.  Would the patient feel vibrant and healthy?  Unlikely.

What would a typical alternative practitioner do?

A sleep supplement, mood supplement, blood pressure supplement, pain supplement, fiber, and digestion supplement.  Would the patient feel vibrant and healthy?  Probably better than medications, but not ideal.

How do I approach such a patient, which I see all the time?

I primarily use Nutri-Energetics System or NES.  A computer is used to scan the patient’s body field and identifies the weakest aspects.  By correcting these weaknesses with NES supplements called Infoceuticals, the body field becomes stronger.  In theory and in practice, this leads to improvements in the patient’s ability to heal and the body gradually takes care of all problems.  Once the program is complete, the patient is able to stop the Infoceuticals yet remain feeling great.  At no point, are any symptoms specifically “treated”.  The body is allowed to take care of any symptoms on its own.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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My journey as an alternative medicine patient

Soon after I was born, I developed severe eczema. For the past 20 years, I have been dependent on steroid creams to keep my skin under some control. Over the years, I have visited Ayurvedic doctors and Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors with no improvements. I knew that conventional doctors would only offer steroid creams so I did not see them. I read multiple books and tried nearly every vitamin, herb, and supplement that supposedly works for eczema but no results. In 2005, my condition worsened and I tried a “famous” detoxification fast. This resulted in further worsening of my condition. People started to ask me if I got into poison ivy or if I was sunburned. I started to become afraid of bathing which would worsen my rashes. Even wearing clothes started to become painful.

I also had chronic insomnia for over 25 years. Every supplement or relaxation technique I tried did not work. This aggravated a chronic fatigue that I’ve had for many years. People started to comment about how tired I looked. It became increasingly difficult to get out of bed each morning and to work each day.

The first treatment that actually helped was Field Control Therapy by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D.  I was able to come off of prescription steroids.  I began to sleep better and my ability to work each day became easier.  However, I reached a point that I didn’t see further improvements.  I was still on daily over the counter steroids, had periodic insomnia, constipation, and still not full of energy.

The next therapy that was helpful was the liver flushing protocol by Andreas Moritz.  I could definitely see a change in the moisture levels of my skin and a decrease in inflammation.  The next big change was when I started Nutri-Energetics.  From there, I was able to decrease my steroid use to children’s strength and I was actually able to cut back on lotion because the moisture in my skin was improving.  I had no idea that my skin could ever feel that way.  I also noted that the chronic constipation that I’ve had for over 25 years started to improve.  I’ve only been on NES for 3 months yet the changes I’ve seen during this short period of time has been great.  Most of my patients using NES are noticing similar improvements.  I still have a long way to go to reverse 30+ years of illness, but my health is worth it and I’m confident that better days are ahead.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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Alternative Medicine: Great theories, inconsistent results

If you read about alternative medicine, you’ll find that every field has their own theories about how to get good health.

In Chinese medicine, you balance yin, yang, and chi.  In Ayurvedic medicine, you balance prana and the doshas.

Different diets have their own goals.  Some believe that the pH of the body has to be balanced with certain foods.  Others think that raw foods are the answer.  Others believe it is most important to not feed candida.

Proponents of functional medicine  like to make sure that certain chemicals are “normal” such as hormones, neurotransmitters, and vitamins.  They runs lots of tests and give lots of supplements until those levels are normal.

Proponents of colon hydrotherapy say that the colon needs to be clean for the body to be healthy.  Other colon therapists say that the right amounts of bacteria in the gut is the key to health.

The heavy metal experts say that excessive levels of lead and mercury need to be reduced.

Practitioners of physical modalities such as chiropractors, craniosacral therapiests, and osteopaths say that the bones must properly aligned.

There are countless variables that different approaches try to correct. It could take a lifetime to correct all of them.  All of the various approaches work well for some people especially for more minor problems

The question is which one will work for which people?  An ideal approach is one that should help at least 90% of people including those with more serious illnesses.  There are very few approaches that have such a high rate of success.  Instead of worrying about what’s too high or too low, my approach is to remove the factors that block healing.  When these blocks are removed, the body  corrects most of the countless variables on its own.  This is my idea of real healing.  I have incorporated programs that are consistent with my philosophy of healing into my Natural Healing Program.  The core of the program is Nutri-Energetics and nutrition.  According to NES theory, illneses occur when the body field is not properly aligned.  NES uses supplements called Infoceuticals to correct the body field.  What makes NES different from so many other programs is that the results match the theory.  As the body field is corrected, all but a few of my patients report a corresponding improvement in how they feel.  Not only that, they are able to do more in life and have less of a need for medicines.  Getting these types of results is what I’ve always dreamed of being able to do as a doctor and this is the closest I’ve ever come to it.

–Dave Ou, M.D.

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